Queen City Contra Dancers, Buffalo, NY

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Fiddle  Especially for Performers

  • Our dancers
    Queen City draws on average 30-50 dancers per dance, with the usual range of ages, levels of experience, etc. We're a typical community dance with the skilled, the average, the beginners, and the eternal beginners. Teaching figures is never a waste of time. We can do Heys, Becket formations, squares. Sometimes we have been known to pull off a Grand Square or Contra Corners. Other performers have told us that we have a "nice energy" in Buffalo.
  • Our venue
     If you've studied our schedule and are interested in an available slot (those marked TBA), please don't hesitate to drop us a line. We're always interested in new or out-of-town callers and bands.

  • Where We Dance

    Unitarian-Universalist Church
    695 Elmwood Avenue (at W. Ferry St)
    Buffalo, NY

     Map to the church

    • Good hardwood floor
    • Handsome, century-old church
    • Good cross-ventilation
    • No stage
    • Decent piano (make forthcoming)
    • Wheelchair accessible
    • On-street parking only, sometimes difficult to find

  • Set up
    Unless other plans are made, an organizer will meet you at the church one hour in advance to open up the hall, generally 6:30, since dances begin at 7:30. The band and caller are located in the front of the room on the dance floor; there is no stage. Callers: we do have a platform available for your use if you want to stand up above the dancers.

  • Our Dances
  • We start dancing at 7:30 PM. If you want to "warm up" as part of your set up, we usually have a "Contrabasics" class running from 7:00 PM or so until around 7:25 PM or so. (Depending on when the beginners show up.) A warm up tune fits in well with explanations to beginners; it is not required. Depending on the caller, there are five to six dances in the first half of the evening; the first half ends with two waltzes. There's a 10 to 15 minute break, during which the band is welcome to share refreshments with the rest of the crowd. We try to start dancing around 9:15 PM to 9:20 PM, and there are (again depending on the caller) four or five dances in the second half of the evening. We try to end the evening around 10:30 PM with two more waltzes.
  • Sound system
    8 input mix board and amplifier, 2 loudspeakers; 2 monitor speakers; 6 instrument mike stands, but no floor level mike stand; 6 pretty good quality mikes---5 instrumental and caller; mic cables. If you need more, please tell us in advance. We have a designated sound person for set-up and tear down. If you are planning on bringing components to use in place of ours, please let us know because we will endeavor to have the system more or less set up when you arrive.

  • Going out after the dance
    A block north of the Unitarian Church is Spot Coffee, with pastries, nonalcoholic beverages of all kinds, and (if they haven't packed them up) light sandwiches, soups, and salads.
  • Yes, we pay our performers!
    Payment depends on attendance; please discuss this with our caller and/or band booker.

Last updated 20 March 2019